bide was formed on 2 pillars:
#1 helping people to adopt more sustainable lives
#2 supporting people to work from home.

What is a Home Manufacturer?

A Home Manufacturer is someone who, for whatever reasons, has struggled to find work through traditional means and has turned to producing bide products at home.
All home manufacturers are self-employed and get paid based on how much product they manufacture which typically works out at around £10 per hour.

All bide products (washing up liquid / laundry powder /dishwasher powder / toilet bombs) are made by the home manufacturers who, once trained, can decide how much or how little product they wish to produce to suit their personal circumstances.

How do I become a Home Manufacturer?

You don’t need any prior experience or specialist skills. All home manufacturers will be provided with remote training to produce a sample of products which needs to pass our quality control. Once this stage has been successfully completed you will be registered and recognised as a home manufacturer and can start producing bide product according to your availability.

Do I need anything to become a Home Manufacturer?

The only equipment required to become a home manufacturer are weighing scales, mixing bowls and mixing utensils (spatula / whisk / blender etc). Additionally, a safe, clean and well-ventilated working area, gloves and a mask will also be necessary.

All ingredients, product recipes, training instructions, packaging and cost of delivery will be covered by bide.

Next Steps:

If you are interested in becoming a Home Manufacturer and wish to put together a product sample you will need to sign a confidentiality agreement and send us detail of your address in order that we can send you the ingredients and instructions.
For a copy of the Confidentiality Agreement please and to register your interest, please click here and send us a message. 

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