The Impact

Every bide product sold represents an unemployed or marginalised person who is picking themselves up out of their situation. 

bide partners with employment charities such as Working Chance, a work-place charity that supports women with convictions rebuild their lives.  We are also working with Refugee employment charity, homeless shelters and women's refugees.

We provide them with remote training and support to make our eco cleaning products. 

By buying bide eco cleaning products you are:

  • Changing people's lives - each product helps people to earn a living
  • Eliminating plastic waste - our eco supplies eliminate plastic waste from your cleaning cupboard.
  • Supporting local industry - all our products come from UK suppliers
  • Reducing toxins in your home - we do not use toxic ingredients in our cleaning products
  • Addressing imbalance - helping people to rebuild, reduces the cavernous gap between the haves and the have-nots.


Supporting the planet and the people who inhabit it

bide is a B Corp Social Enterprise founded to address rocketing unemployment expedited by the pandemic.


We are a team of people dedicated to finding solutions to support the marginalised, to lessen the gap between the haves and the have nots.

We also believe that the Climate Crisis is calling for mass adoption of sustainable lifestyles. 

We have launched a decentralised manufacturing ecosystem which produces eco cleaning products.

By supporting bide today, you can make a meaningful change to someone's life and take a step forwards on your sustainability journey.