Hotel Duet - Helping Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis

"The Hotel Duet in Chelm, a family establishment just a few kilometers from the Ukrainian border, has joined the national effort, becoming a place for thousands of refugees to get a bite to eat – free of charge – and receive medical, legal and psychological assistance.

It all started with a message posted on the hotel’s social media channels, where its owner, Alicja Brzozowska, said she would organize the reception and distribution of aid to refugees from her establishment. In a matter of hours, she received not only packages from local businesses and residents of Chelm, but also calls from people willing to help from as far away as the Netherlands and Germany."

At bide, we have joined the effort and we have donated cleaning supplies to Hotel Duet. They can ensure that the hygiene and sanitisation of refugees will remain at the highest level using our non toxic products. We thank one of our home manufacturers who has kindly volunteered to make the laundry powder for free as her contribution to the effort.

Whilst we recognise that this goes against our eco credentials & environmental policy of not shipping overseas (increasing our carbon footprint), we all have a duty of care to support marginalised people. Many of these people are women with children, whilst their partners have left to go and fight in the war.

As it's International Women's Day, we ask you to support the Ukrainian cause and support marginalised people who have been forced to flee their homes.

You can read more about Hotel Duet & their amazing cause by clicking the following link: