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Discover Our Range of Eco-Friendly Products Made From Toxic Free, Plant Derived Raw Ingredients

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Plastic-Free Cleaning Products for All Your Cleaning Needs

Made using vegan ingredients and fragranced with natural essential oils, we have a complate range of eco-friendly, plastic and chemical free products designed to clean all areas of your home.





A zero waste cleaning solution, powered by local homeworkers.

100% Effective + Third-Party Tested

Our laundry powder was featured in the Independent as one of the 8 best washing powders in 2022.

Built to support the Planet & the People that inhabit it

'This new zero-waste, vegan cleaning brand is ace. All products are natural, compostable and plastic-free, and the social enterprise helps people work from home.' - METRO

Socially Responsible

We designed our home manufacturing network  to remove the barriers for people to earn a living. All of our eco cleaning products are handmade at kitchen tables throughout the UK.

Non-Toxic Cleaning

Our cleaning products are made from toxic free, plant derived raw ingredients. This means that there is no toxicity when they are used to clean your home and we are not releasing harmful materials into our water systems.

Plastic free

All of bide's products and packaging is 100% recycled or compostable. No waste, No plastic. Our filler is made from starch and can be dissolved in water.

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280 5 Star Reviews on Trustpilot

I love this company and everything they stand for. Great products, affordable prices, swift delivery and a clean conscience. What more could I ask for?


LOVE MY BIDE SUBSCRIPTION! So easy to have my boxes delivered at times that suit my house. The products are fab! I especially love the laundry & dishwasher powders which outperform all the big name and supermarket brands.


I am absolutely blown away with these. I have washing up liquid, toilet bombs, laundry powder and toilet cleaner. Honestly, my toilet has never looked and SMELT so dann clean. Cannot wait to place the next order.


What makes us so different?

Our goal is to be truly sustainable, providing a solution for the climate and social crisis.

FeaturesMethod + EcoverFlash + Zo-Flora
100% Plastic-Free
Made by a Home Manufacturing Network
No Toxic Chemicals
100% Natural & Vegan Ingredients
Pure Essential Oils
Made in the UK

bide Was Formed Upon Two Pillars...

bide Was Formed Upon Two Pillars...
#1 How do we help the planet?

Our planet is at breaking point, we need a green revolution in the production, distribution and sale of  goods and services.

The Climate Crisis calls for change. We need mass adoption of sustainable living practices.

#2 How do we support those that inhabit it?

We have massively under utilised workforce. There is rising unemployment and the pandemic has left communities with little opportunity to work.

bide's mission is to offer simple sustainable solutions, powered by cottage industry.