At our core, we care deeply about the planet and the people who inhabit it

Our Ethos

bide was founded in the roots of intersectional environmentalism, built to support the Planet & the People that inhabit it.
We wanted to start a business that could be truly sustainable, providing a solution for the climate and social crisis.

bide is a B Corporation Social Enterprise
bide addresses 2 major challenges

Exponential growth in unemployment rates, expedited by COVID-19 and the climate crisis calling for mass adoption of sustainable practices.

bide was formed to find a solution to produce goods that are environmentally positive and have social impact. 

Our eco cleaning range

In 2020 we launched bide home manufacturing (bhm).

What is home manufacturing? 

Instead of manufacturing our products in factories, we bring the factories to people's homes.

This is a socially and environmentally impactful method of producing.

Our home manufacturing network is an initiative to empower the unemployed and marginalised to earn a living from the safety of their own homes.

We partner with charities whose vital outreach efforts help the underrepresented to rebuild.

Our home manufacturing network invites communities to produce our bide cleaning products from their own homes. 

made from toxic free, plant derived raw ingredients

Non-Toxic Promise

This means that there is no toxicity when bide cleaning products are are used to clean your home and we are not releasing harmful materials into our water systems.

Equally important is that they are safe for our home producers to handle during the manufacturing process.

bide eco cleaning boxes are a zero waste cleaning solution, powered by local homeworkers.

We are a team of eco minded humans, passionate to help make change

We believe in honesty and transparency which is reflected in the way we communicate with our customers and partners. It is important to us that we can offer high quality and affordable solutions.

Above all we understand the importance of our role in helping to support and preserve our beautiful planet.

bide Was Formed Upon Two Pillars

#1 How do we help the planet?

Our planet is at breaking point, we need a green revolution in the production, distribution and sale of  goods and services.

The Climate Crisis calls for change. We need mass adoption of sustainable living practices.

#2 How do we support those that inhabit it?

We have massively under utilised workforce. There is rising unemployment and the pandemic has left communities with little opportunity to work.

bide's mission is to offer simple sustainable solutions, powered by cottage industry.

Social Impact

Narrowing the gap

Unemployment has been steadily rising, increasing the gap between the wealthy and those who are living on the brink of poverty. This has been expedited by the pandemic.

Our home manufacturing network can readily help people to change their situation. No prior experience or skills are necessary to join our network.

Removing Barriers

We designed our home manufacturing network  to remove the barriers for people to earn a living. All of our eco cleaning products are handmade at kitchen tables throughout the UK. 

Our home manufacturing network do not need to leave their homes to work. We bring the raw ingredients and training needed to make our products, to them.


We believe that, given the chance, everyone has something to offer and is capable of making a valuable contribution to society irrespective of their background.

It is for these reasons that we feel strongly that groups that have historically been marginalised for whatever reasons whether it be their gender, their past, their personal circumstances, their age etc be given the opportunity to become a self-employed home manufacturer, gain some financial independence and get their lives back on track.


We partner with employment charities covering, women with convictions, refugees, addiction, homelessness and refuges. They help to us to identify those underrepresented people most in need of our support.

Our home manufacturers also make direct enquiries via our website.

At bide we look at the world as one community
Where everyone has the potential to contribute and make a change not only to their life but to the lives of those around them.

Our eco cleaning range