When I think of the Earth

When I think of the Earth
Izzy Fry, age 15
When I think of the Earth, I think of the forests, oceans, deserts and grasslands. I think of the wildlife we live alongside; the tigers that roam our jungles, the shoals of fish that shimmer in our seas, the migrating birds that fly thousands of miles to and from their breeding sites.

When I think of the land we inhabit, I think of how carelessly we have destroyed it. How we have used up all of its precious supplies and how we have damaged an ecosystem that has been around billions of years prior to us.
When I think of the planet, I think of how we can preserve and conserve it. How we can protect not only it, but everything that inhabits it.

When I think of the globe, I think of how we need to make a change NOW. How every single one of us needs to make a change. No matter how big or small, we need to make a change, to ensure this beautiful world we know, is around for billions more years to come so our children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and all generations to come can experience our planet.
Izzy Fry
Izzy is a 15 year old nature lover and amateur wildlife photographer! She is passionate about everything to do with the natural world and our planet, but especially conserving and protecting the wildlife that inhabits it! She volunteers, helping to survey, monitor and protect a range of species, and also work to encourage an interest from others!

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