The day I left prison I was given £45

The day I left prison I was given £45

"The guards opened the iron gates and said ‘see you soon’. I thought to myself: ‘no, you won’t, I’m not like the rest of them’. 


I was such a law abiding citizen until I met the wrong man. At the age of 22, being beaten up by my boyfriend was an everyday thing. I got arrested with intent to supply drugs. I was carrying them for him, but I actually never did drugs. He got away, and I got sentenced to prison for four years.  

My life was never the same again. 


I got no adequate support. 

When I came out, everything changed for me and no one would employ me. I would be offered a job but then they did a criminal record check, and I never heard from them again. 


If only bide’s home manufacturing network was available back when I came out of prison, my life could have been so much easier. bide can help many other women who come out of prison or those who don’t have access to work and are stigmatised. 


25 years later, and now I’m making eco-cleaning products from my kitchen, and I’ve never been happier. "


- L


This story, from one of our home manufacturers, is a stark reminder of how impactful our products are.

Each of our eco cleaning range has been handmade by a woman who has historically been marginalised. 

Thank you for your continued support.

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