Sustainable Advent Day Two: Give the gift of giving

Sustainable Advent Day Two: Give the gift of giving

What is the most sustainable Christmas gift? One that keeps giving beyond Christmas, year after year.

There is no better feeling than the feeling of giving and knowing that your gift is well received.

lendwithcare have a fantastic gift service where the money you donate is credited into your own charitable bank of sorts. You can then choose which entrepeneurs (in developing countries) you loan some of your charitable funds.

Once they have reached their fundraising goals, they then repay their loans. Which means your charitable bank account gets credited. So that you can choose your next entrepreneur to invest in.

100% of the loans go directly to the entrepeneurs. The investments completely transform the recipients livelihoods which not only benefits their families but also the communities they operate in.

Giving this gift to a loved one will give them the gift of giving over and over again. So years of warm fuzzy feelings!


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