Sustainable Advent Day Three: festive bogs

Sustainable Advent Day Three: festive bogs

Getting your home ready for Christmas guests is such an exciting way to prepare for this festive time.

The aim is, ‘mi casa es su casa’? Every decoration or string of lights is hung to make your home as inviting and welcoming as possible.

Trees are festooned in living rooms, tables are adorned in kitchens and bed heads draped in fairy lights. We take such care to get each room right.

But what about the often neglected toilet??

Fear not, festive toilet bombs are here to bring Christmas cheer to your lowly lav!

bide's Christmas edition, vegan, natural beauties are fragranced with orange, cinnamon and cloves. What a warm welcome to bring your guests (and their derrières)!

Find the toilet bombs in our bide Christmas Edition eco cleaning boxes, starting from £10. 

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