Sustainable Advent Day Seven: your turn to do the dishes!

Sustainable Advent Day Seven: your turn to do the dishes!

Christmas is often synonymous with washing up. We share meals with more people and invariably eat more, more often.

Meaning more dishes, pots and glasses to wash up.

Washing up liquid is a great starting point for making sustainable choices. 

Have a look at your washing up liquid on your sink today. Is it in a plastic bottle? Has it been made with natural ingredients or petro-chemical sources?

At bide, we don’t use any plastics, not even recycled ones. bide washing up liquid concentrate arrives in a fully recycled, vegan wax lined cardboard pot.

Our washing up liquid is made by hand featuring a handful of plant derived ingredients:

🌱 coconut surfactant 

🌱 salt 

🌱 water

🌱coco glycoside

🌱citric acid

🌱organic lemon essential oil

So even though you may be washing up more than you would like, you aren’t washing any nasties down the drain nor contributing to plastic waste.

Washing up liquid can be found in bide basics box £10 with dishwasher powder and toilet bombs.

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