Sustainable Advent Day Eight: put a lid on it!

Sustainable Advent Day Eight: put a lid on it!

Conserving energy is such a powerful way to make your Christmas more sustainable.

Little adjustments to your habits can make a real difference.

Like putting lids on pans whilst you cook. 

There is so much research on the energy saved, ranging from 3% all the way up to 60%.

By lidding, you contain the heat generated from your hob meaning less energy is required to bring the contents up to temperature.

Ovens take a large amount of energy to heat. So if you are turning yours on, try and and schedule batch baking so you can make use of the preheated oven. Rather than turning it on and off for each cook. 

Once you have finished cooking, switch off the oven leave the door open to add more warmth to your kitchen.

Do you have energy saving cooking hacks to share?

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