snuggly warm, the eco way.

snuggly warm, the eco way.

As the colder weather draws in, how can we keep snuggly warm in the most eco way? We are fortunate enough to have been able to convert our home heating system into air source, powered by solar. Even though we have a largely eco system, it is still important to think carefully about how much energy we use to keep toasty during the colder months.

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Winter is the toughest period to act sustainably. We all retreat indoors and crank up the heating. According to the Dept of Energy and Climate change we use 36% more gas and electricity in the Winter. So how can we keep warm but reduce our energy use?

New insulation, replacing boilers, double glazing, alternative heat sources and updating thermostats are great changes to make but they require significant investment. Fear not, there are a number of quick fix, free hacks which will help. In isolation they may not have huge impact but if we try and tick off a number of these, we can help reduce our energy burden.

  1. Leave your oven door open after you have finished cooking; a great way to add a little extra warmth to your kitchen
  2. Move furniture away from your radiators. Soft furnishings absorb heat and prevent it from moving around your room
  3. Draw your curtains before evening time, tucking them behind the radiators
  4. Open you curtains when the sun rises, the rays will warm your room
  5. Don't hang clothes on the radiator, it reduces the heat output forcing your boiler to work harder
  6. Cover bare floorboards with rugs which reduces heat loss
  7. Shut-up unused rooms to prevent cold air moving around the house
  8. Make your own draught-excluders, a pair of tights stuffed with socks work well
  9. Open the bathroom door when having a shower or bath
  10. Wear an extra layer of clothes

By adopting these heating hacks you can drop your thermostat down a couple of degrees. Each degree you drop, means a drop in energy use and energy bills.

What do you do to keep cozy in winter?


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