Plastic Free Tip 7

Plastic Free Tip 7

It’s kind of bonkers to think about how much waste is produced to wipe  our waste from our behinds.


Trees are felled to make paper rolls. In fact toilet roll accounts for 10% of world deforestation. Approximately 20,000 trees worth of paper are flushed away every day.


Recycled paper rolls are a good option as are bamboo derived toilet products. There are arguments both for and against these options. 


Recycled paper can inadvertently fuel demand for paper based products, which puts strain on forests. Bamboo is a fast growing plant source but it requires shipping across the globe to get to its bum wipers.


There is no clear front runner.


But the most important toilet roll swap you can make is to ditch the plastic wrapped bog rolls. Instead choose a sustainable toilet roll that is unwrapped or uses compostable packaging.


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