Plastic Free Tip 4

Plastic Free Tip 4

A leading eco branded dishwasher tablet offers the following answer to why they wrap their dishwasher tablets in plastic:


“Yes, unfortunately we still have to use 0.3g of plastic per dish tab as there is no technology yet available that will seal them to keep them from disintegrating during transit”




You do not need plastic to deliver dishwasher detergent. Change the format.


Our bide dishwasher powder, is just that, powder. Why do we need tablets? They don’t improve the performance of the detergent. In fact we would argue that over focus on form could sacrifice function.


Do tablets control dosage?  Perhaps. We believe we are all smart enough to use a teaspoon to measure the right dosage.


So eradicate plastic from your dishwasher and try our dishwasher powder this month.


As voted by Ethical Consumer Magazine as an ethical & environmental superstar.

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