Plastic Free home: easy tips to reduce plastic use

Plastic Free home: easy tips to reduce plastic use

We have put together a series of tips to help reduce the use of plastic goods.


We believe that you shouldn’t eliminate all plastic from your homes and lives if those plastic items are already in use. Don’t go out and buy new items to replace plastic products that still have life.


Instead, observe how much plastic your use in your day-to-day lives. Reflect on how you could use alternatives to reduce your plastic consumption.


Then when you are ready to buy something new, opt for a non-plastic solution.


So go easy, observe, learn and make plans.


We are going to post some ideas to help you make changes. But remember do this slowly and you are more likely to make changes for life.


Tip One:


⁣Grow one thing.


Food packaging contributes 70% of our annual plastic waste in the UK. 


By eliminating one source of plastic packaged goods, you could take your first step towards a reduced plastic lifestyle.


Salad is a great starting point. Approximately 249M bags of salad are sold in the UK each year. Of which 40% are thrown directly in the bin.


Growing salad will not only remove your use of a bagged lettuce but also will provide you with  your very own ‘pick as you go’ salad bar.


You don’t need oodles of space. Just a windowsill, some pots of soil, throw in some seeds, water and sprinkle with love. 


Hey presto, plastic free salad at a fraction of the cost with no food wastage.


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