Call to eco arms

Call to eco arms

It is time for us to take our position in the fight against climate change. Your weapon of choice? Perhaps, a move from plastic toothbrushes to bamboo alternatives? Or swapping your liquid soap for a solid bar? Maybe you will opt for one vegan meal per week? No matter how small your adaptation, every sustainable move you make will have an impact.

YouGov conducted a survey of 25,000 respondents to determine what proportion of people believe that the climate crisis is a result of human behaviour. For UK respondents, 86% acknowledged that the current worrying state of the climate was because of our actions. This was reflected across the globe. In Greece 91% of those surveyed believed humans were responsible for the climate crisis.

This is progress. We understand we are the contributing factor in climate change. But what are we going to do about it? The survey also asked the question, are you going to reduce your carbon generating activity? Specifically will you drive more or less post Covid? Sadly, 25% UK said they would drive more versus 8% declaring they would drive less.

Herein lies the problem. We accept responsibility for our actions but we are not (en masse) changing our ways to atone for climate sins.

How do we change this?

I believe the biggest barrier to change is perception. Sustainability is too often depicted as a complete lifestyle overhaul. An overwhelming prospect for those starting on their own eco journey. The truth is the even the most ardent of eco friendly lifers started with a small change to their daily habits.

The second hurdle is convenience. I recently saw an informal Facebook poll on eco cleaning products that asked which was the priority of factors when considering buying eco cleaning. The top choice was convenience, followed by effectiveness, price and then eco credentials. We have been brainwashed to thinking that we all deserve the most convenient solution no matter the economical or environmental price. But convenience levels have changed over time.

In the 1977 Pot Noodles was introduced to mainstream consumerism and suddenly any quick snack not made by simply adding hot water was seen as inconvenient. Before 1977, hot food on the go was soup in a flask. Post 1977, heating the soup and pouring into a flask was inconvenient.

So pick something super small that seems the least inconvenient to change. And try a sustainable alternative. Try for at least a month. When that change becomes part of your daily life, pick another small change. Try that for a month. Within a year you will have made at least 12 eco conscious upgrades. Your upgrades will be noticed by your friends and family who in turn may adopt one or two.

And there we have it. You will have armed yourself and your social army with eco weapons. We can then all stand side by side and 1, 2, 3 - charge!!!!!

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