bide; green from the inside out

bide; green from the inside out

bide has been born from a place of love and pure intentions. Everything that we do from how our products are made to the way we organise our business, consider our planetary impact. It is vital to us that we can not only talk the talk but also walk the walk. Which is why we invited environmental management professor Dr Eleni (Environmental Management, Brunel University) to help verify that our intentions are informed.

The products in our introductory bide box have been hand selected for their environmental sustainability and effectiveness. Each item is plastic free, vegan and made from biodegradable ingredients. There is minimal cost to the planet in using these cleaning tools daily. Our beautiful bide goodies are delivered in a 100% recycled and fully recyclable box. All of our bide labels, packaging and leaflets are also 100% recycled and recyclable.

Our box features handmade products, produced by our bide home manufacturing (bhm) team. bhm is an environmentally sound way to produce because our team are using their own homes as their workplace. This means we do not need to turn the lights on and start the cogs whurring at a factory.

Everyone at bide works from home; we believe that we don't need an office to unnecessarily heat-up and power. Our staff are all based in the UK and we conduct the majority of our business online/calls to minimise travel.

We have set ourselves the highest of eco standards and verify all of our decisions against these policies. We will continue to challenge ourselves to ensure we can conduct bide in the most eco conscious manner possible.

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